In construction projects, if necessary, we plan the buildings from sensor to brush when we receive initial information from the customer about the size of the building, purpose of use and other requirements.

In the design of steel structures, we perform strength calculations with FEM/FEA tools and 3D modeling software enabling efficient parametric design. This way we can ensure that the steel structures meet the essential standards and the criteria of a good design principle.

In the design of machine shop drawings, we take into account cost-effective manufacturing methods to achieve an affordable end result.
The plan of the steel-framed hall


Typical construction projects for us are various steel-framed canopies, halls, towers, business and production facilities, and business premises. We also manage steel construction projects with special requirements.

In addition to the steel frame solution, we also implement wooden and reinforced concrete frames and their combinations.

We carry out the construction as a KVR project or as a main contractor

We implement carefully planned and sustainably built industrial and business premises. We are constantly looking for new solutions to increase quality and enhance the construction process.

Together with the help of our customers, we aim to reduce the amount of time, resources and other extra costs used for construction.
Helsinki Steel Hall 1800 m2


We implement according to the customer's plans or we help to design steel structures for various purposes and needs, delivered or installed.
Steel structures can be straight, diverse, curved or hybrid structures. The surface treatment possibilities are hot galvanizing, wet painting, powder painting or fire protection painting. We deliver steel structures in quality classes EN 1090-1 EXC 1,2,3 and 4.
Vantaa Hiekkaharju water tower support frame 650tn


You can get the steel structural parts we deliver installed or delivered from us.
We also carry out industrial installations and demolition work.
In the installation work, we carry out permit-required site welding and modifications, if necessary.
We perform the installation welding of the object in accordance with the class requirement of the structure.
In installations, we operate in accordance with EN1090-2 quality requirements and prepare protocols and report to the customer as the work progresses
Kemi Metsä Fiber process piping brackets 1500 pcs


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